Northeastern Iowa is Underwater

So if 2008 was the 500 year flood, what is 2016, the 1000?

One could look at this in a multitude of ways:
Natural climate change, it would have happened anyway. One could go screaming to the hills about end of days and that it’s time to kill ourselves because there’s no point in waiting for the rapture because we’re going to hell or something like that. Another is global warming, a form of climate change, which scientists have been saying will occur for the last decade.

The first was bound to happen, the earth has its cycles just like a woman, she’s just much larger and not quite menopausal yet.

The second has come HOW MANY TIMES now? I think people need to just trust in their faith that payment will come, rapture or not. Stop declaring what the ultimate is doing because bad crap has always happened, globally, just now the internet lets you KNOW immediately. Rather than hearing months later if ever.

Lastly, again the first, just bigger and badder. Going full menopausal.


The fact is, even if we do take care of our planet. We do prolong our atmospheric conditions to sustain our life. Our sun is in an EARLY stage of it’s potential life span. Solar system wise, when/if our sun moves to its next stage. The size of the sun is likely to expand, envelope Mercury, possibly Venus too. So you have to think, if we become first in line, our planets going to be one hot place to visit. No water. No trees.

If you want to live (not you personally, your descendants). We can’t assume we should to cling to this Tera.

Electrical disturbances

My coworkers joked about me having an electromagnetic field. I kill phones, watches, computers, microwaves. It’s so bad my microwave at home only works properly constantly when I’m not home.

Tonight my router which was reset yesterday stopped sending out signal. (It’s in my bedroom. Bad idea there.) so when I got it rebooted my phones connected but my laptop couldn’t connect. I tried to log out and back in. Suddenly I had NO WI-FI SIGNALS nearby. (I live in college student central so that’s not possible.)

I restarted my computer. Works again… Hour later… NOTHING AGAIN. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?


But to have this going on when I’m having to quit my job. Having to find a new life. A new home. I’m losing everything with nothing to hold on to. 

And not because I didn’t do something but because someone kept MY MONEY and no lawyer can or will help me fight back.
But that’s MY LUCK. I was trying to hard and its gone. 


If I were to limit myself to one topic inparticular, its the lack of understanding religion, people, and societies. This includes our own misguided culture.
For example, “sex sells,” has become an increasingly common motivator for almost all advertising and entertainment items in society. Try sitting and watching any show. How many full length skirts do you see on anyone under 60? Or how about this, what’s the skin to covered surface area ratios on any one channels shows for female actors?
On one show that comes to mind in an entire season watched on Netflix, I saw 1-2 episodes without a sex scene or implied scene of this nature.

I think we need to consider who we are, what impacts we have on the world and our own people and consider the fact of where we were.